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What we do

We work in tight collaboration with your teams to incubate new business opportunities, and take them to the next level by scaling sales. We also help you to disrupt your growth with inbound innovation from the latest and greatest from the tech start-up scene.


Our customers are innovative corporations who want to evolve their market position by leveraging new technologies. Companies who are inspired by agile intrapreneurship contact us to produce sustainable business transformation.

Our customers
How we can help?

The high-tech business landscape is fierce and moves at amazing speed. Change and evolution are inevitable. If you don’t change quickly you may find yourself in trouble. We have all heard it before. But what to do now? And how?  

KAHI works with your company to harness its inner energy for innovation, as well as opening up towards working with start-ups. The union between corporates and start-ups generates magic. But, there is a but, only if executed and managed in the right way. Success in innovation is not about great ideas- it is about creative and consistent execution.

KAHI provides the right capabilities to: 

Collaborate with corporate ready start-ups to make your existing company assets to create a 1+1=3 world


Capture your internal business innovation energy while expanding your offering outside of your comfort zone


Scale sales of new products and services 

corporate strategy

Corporations have an inner force to innovate and disrupt. The right people and talent inside the corporation need to be identified and then allowed the freedom to act like entrepreneurs within the larger organization. But this is only made possible if corporates develop the right environment right where ideas can flourish and be funded. KAHI works hands-on with these designated teams to design, implement and grow new business - and eventually turn these internal startup ideas (and external startup collaborations) into a massive growth engine.

It is often a challenge for an organization to incorporate and scale a new product or service into the existing corporate machinery. KAHI works with you to make this smooth, by optimizing go-to-market strategy, and adjusting the operational model, developing the connective tissue to the sales organizations. Our singular aim is to drive scalable and recurring and repeatable sales revenue through the product-market-fit exercises we tackle with corporates.


Companies can look inwards to find the next big thing. But it may not give what it takes. Looking outwards into the start-up space can be more fruitful and accelerate the pace of corporate innovation. KAHI works with you in articulating the business needs and challenges, and scouts and qualifies startups in order to create the right environment for a long-term win/win collaboration.

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