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What we do

We increase the success rate for investments in early-stage tech startups, by taking an active and hands-on approach, and working with founding teams and investors to sharpen the product-market-fit of their portfolio companies and improve execution in order to accelerate business results..  


Our customers are savvy and hands-on investors that acknowledge that it is far more profitable helping entrepreneurs develop their true potential than simply letting them navigate alone or connecting them to their vast networks to drive partnership and revenue opportunities. The type of investors we work with enjoy the entrepreneurship journey and many are serial entrepreneurs that love getting their hands dirty. On the other hand, our investors realize that there are not enough hours in the day days to make a meaningful contribution in all the startups in their portfolio.

Our customers
How we can help?

In the same way that corporate and startup markets are extremely competitive, the venture capital market is fiercely competitive too. It is increasingly difficult to deploy capital resources to high-potential startups and consistently achieve high success ratios.

KAHI is a highly specialized innovation and entrepreneurship firm that can help you optimize your investment pipeline front-to-back by:

Improving qualified deal flow of deep-tech startups

Enhancing their development and growth for accelerated exit turnaround

Not just providing advice, but rather embedding ourselves into the startup team to make things happen and enabling your investments get further faster.

If you like technology and entrepreneurship, if you would like to scale up your investment operations without gambling, you should contact KAHI and try what we can do for you.


Deep tech startups are founded by highly talented and self-driven entrepreneurs that often are unable to connect with the market at scale. They struggle to articulate their technological accomplishments in a way that addresses relevant business needs and is understandable to target customers.

We can help you accelerate the portfolio investments by providing interim entrepreneurial and business management skills to fine-tuning the value proposition and business model of the start-up, meeting market needs at scale.

We assist in maturing the total product offering, going from being functionally capable to corporate ready and nailing service delivery. We guide your startups in defining and executing credible business and go-to-market strategies for accelerated growth.

Start-up acceleration | KAHI Digital

Equally, the fact that deep-tech entrepreneurs often have difficulties to connect to the market may also hamper their ability to connect with investors. You may be missing game-changing opportunities because the entrepreneurs fail to properly structure and articulate their proposal to you. It is not related with weaknesses in the business opportunity nor in the capacity to deliver on the technologies by their founders.


This is naturally a problem on the entrepreneur’s side but it would also be a failure on your side as an investor, failing to see through the mist and missing the opportunity. KAHI provides you with scalable expert capabilities to reach and evaluate more startups, to profoundly understand the merits of their competences and the opportunity behind their projects.

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