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KAHI joins nFlux to bring their spaceship to the stars

We know we have been quiet the last several months -- we have a good reason why. We are stoked to announce that KAHI is merging with nFlux to further amplify the speed at which nFlux’s “spaceship travels through space” 🚀😉. You gotta see our commemorative video! 🎥(Hope you enjoy it)

nFlux has been a long-term customer and portfolio company. We are grateful we had the opportunity to start collaborating with them early on in their journey and we are proud of all the progress we have collectively made. Helping nFlux get to the next level requires focus, and for us, focus means saying no to everything else.

nFlux is a kick-ass startup that has built a top-notch team and product since inception. Driven by passion, talent and strong values, nFlux aims at developing deep tech solutions that help humans amplify their natural capabilities... and they are holding an awesome hand of cards with the products they have been building and the market they are serving.

Working with nFlux over the years has felt like working with family. So while technically we are moving to the other side of the table, that side of the table feels VERY familiar, in a good way!

Friends, join us in sharing our excitement and please subscribe to nFlux’s newsletter ( to stay tuned for our future accomplishments... we have amazing things coming! 🎸🚀💥

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