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Who is AIIM?

AI in Motion, AIIM, is a startup funded between NavInfo Europe and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) Mobile Perceptions Systems lab. AIIM leverages the significant experience in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision – forged in Autonomous Driving - from these entities.

AIIM | Success case

AIIM provides state-of-the-art perception and navigation solutions for autonomous vehicles in dynamic outdoor and indoor environments. AIIM brings their unique assets in computer vision, 3D mapping and localization, perception, navigation powered by AI and embedded mobile computation to the benefit of industries beyond automotive.

What do they do?
Why did they contract with us?

AIIM contacted KAHI to help them refine the strategy to expand their core technology competences into adjacent markets. AIIM has been able to stress test their hypothesis and fine-tune their way forward, leveraging the combined competences of AIIM core team and KAHI, as well as extensive dialogues with different market players and client prospects.

Expanding into adjacent markets is a non-trivial undertaking which many organizations face as they try to further monetize unique competences they have in their core business. Doing this not only requires identifying what these competences are and where they may apply, but it also requires understanding what other ingredients need to be included in the offering to suit the new type of customers.

“Being able to distill strategic product directions from customer conversations is always challenging. The process we have run together has made AIIM identify a sweet spot between what the market needs and what makes sense for them in the long run. We hope that the collaboration with us facilitated AIIM to achieve this and we are excited to see the positive reaction of their customers to the revised offering.”says Víctor Cañero, Founder of KAHI.

Victor Cañero | KAHI
Drone | KAHI
What do they say about us?

"Working with KAHI is a unique experience. Not only are they much more hands-on than most consultants being a true part of the team, but they have a singular talent in capturing the potential of technology and mapping it to the needs of customers. It is easy to find technology experts, and it is common to find business advisors… but finding consultants that can provide simultaneously both is rare. I think this style of agile collaboration can really make the difference in technology startups like us.” - says Gijs Dubbelman CTO and co-Founder and Head of Perception Lab at TU/e. 

Gijs Dubbelman | AIIM
Tim McGrath | NavInfo

“Corporate startups are unique animals. People often see them as the perfect combination of the agility of startups with the power of strong corporations, but the reality is quite different. They are fragile organizations that need to disrupt of corporate culture while conditioned by corporate rules. They need to do things differently while at the same time leveraging core corporate assets. Navigating this crossroads is not easy and KAHI has really helped us find a more balanced way of working between AIIM and NavInfo” - says Tim McGrath, Vice President, Global Development at NavInfo. 

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