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Who is nFlux?

nFlux was founded in California in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs with a solid background in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Computer Science across different sectors including Defense and Aerospace. They have received support from a number of institutions and investors, including Amazon, Illuminate Ventures, and have ongoing contracts with NASA, US Air force, US Army and Space Force.

nFlux | Success case
nFlux Success case | KAHI Digital

nFlux believes in a future where AI can be used to augment, rather than replace, human capabilities with the goal of improving performance and efficiency.

In 2019, nFlux developed an artificially intelligent system for NASA, called Procedure Monitoring and Assistance (PMA), to assist astronauts in accurately executing procedures during deep space missions. nFlux seeks to apply PMA to other industries on Earth such as manufacturing, to improve quality, traceability and efficiency by providing real-time guidance to workers and holistic analytics and visibility to supervisors and site managers.

What do they do?
Why did they contract with us?

In order to make this vision a reality, nFlux, through a common connection on their board of directors, asked KAHI to help in evolving their product-market strategy through early customer interviews and co-creation.

Early engagement with potential customers was a bold decision by nFlux. Discovering what the business opportunity is requires understanding the true needs of customers, and customer co-creation is one of KAHI's fundamental superpowers, i.e., understanding core technologies, identifying customer pain-points and helping to connect the dots.

"We are enthusiastic about the market momentum that nFlux has been able to develop and excited about their unique solution. We also feel proud of the contribution that we have been able to make, hands-on, in helping them get from where they were to where they are. nFlux's outlook looks bright for both customers and shareholders" said Adam Phillips, KAHI's founder.

Adam Phillips | KAH
product market strategy | KAHI digital
What do they say about us?

"KAHI is a rare-breed, a combination of hands-on creativity and resourceful capabilities which stands out amongst tech-focused consultancy companies. They are not only great professionals, but also great agile team mates, and the way they are helping us close contracts with customers speaks for itself. I would strongly recommend KAHI to any deep-tech startup wanting to cross the product-market-fit chasm and grow their business" says Seyed Sajjadi - nFlux's founder and CEO.

Seyed Sajjadi | nFlux
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