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Who is TrueSpot?

TrueSpot provides location-based operations optimization for both franchise and large independent car dealers. It was founded by a group of experienced professionals in the domain of networking and location-based services. TrueSpot has become one of the most promising auto-tech players in the US market and is on Automotive Ventures (leading VC and Analyst that has driven over 1 Billion in acquisitions, data licensing and investments) companies to watch list

TrueSpot | Success case

TrueSpot uses real-time location-based services an purpose built IoT applications to help car dealers find, track and map critical assets and processes. TrueSpot understands technology as well as the operational realities of car dealers. They provide accurate location of cars and keys which gives high-efficiency operations and saves time as well as money – not to mention increasing customer satisfaction. From optimizing the reconditioning process to lot management, to fraud and theft prevention, to enabling a smooth shopping experience, TrueSpot provides a unique solution to help the dealerships of today change the productivity game. 

What do they do?
Why did they contract with us?

TrueSpot had already created a game changer product for the car dealerships leveraging their patented campus network and location technology. Initial customer engagements were starting to be signed and they needed support in scaling up sales. 


Although nailing product-market fit is a key requirement for success in startups, it is not the only obstacle to overcome. Being able to scale up sales when selling sophisticated and innovative technology products requires careful go-to-market execution. TrueSpot and KAHI worked together ironing-out the sales narrative, sharpening the value proposition, optimizing the go-to-market as well as the business model.


At KAHI, with our usual hands-on approach, we got deeply involved even shouldering day-to-day operation roles and responsibility for sales and business development. Thanks to all the collective effort not only has TrueSpot been able to prime itself into a scalable sales machine but they have been able to increase credibility to a point where they are being able to sign strategic partnerships with top automotive players such as KeyPer (Owned by Assa Abloy) and Supra KeyAdvantage (Owned by Carrier).

“Having worked in location tech for many years it is exciting to see a company like TrueSpot really nail the right solution to make it work from a business perspective. While Apple AirTag is now becoming very popular with consumers, TrueSpot has been pioneering over the last 4 years the underlying technologies into purpose-built enterprise IoT products for dealerships. We are proud of our contribution in helping TrueSpot sharpen their offering and solidify their market position”says Adam Philips, Founder of KAHI and interim CRO at Truespot.

Adam Phillips | KAHI
What do they say about us?

"Working in startups is very demanding: small companies, with little resources, busy agendas with ever-changing environments. As a CEO I need self-driven and resourceful people that I can lean on that can help my organization drive incremental growth. The KAHI team have been a perfect companion for our stage venture. They are great catalyzing sales scrappy, versatile and take extreme ownership to make things happen!” says Mike Hanna, CEO and Founder TrueSpot. 

Mike Hanna | TrueSpot
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