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Making Future Happen


Unorthodox innovation and entrepreneurship agency

Hands-on future-making services

Normal consultants point out problems and provide advice. That is the easy part! The true challenge is bringing these recommendations to life and committing to driving success in the mid and long-term.


I am an entrepreneur

"I have an extraordinary team of technologists and some business ideas that, I am convinced, are truly revolutionary. Unfortunately, we are struggling more than we wanted to engage with customers to generate revenues."

Let us work together with you by contributing all our experience in bringing to market new technologies.


I work for a corporation

"My company is highly innovative and makes significant effort in trying new technologies that can help fortify our market position. However, it is difficult to collaborate with startups and adopt new technologies for real impact."

Allow us to gel with your organization and inspire a culture of agile entrepreneurship to produce long standing transformation.


I invest in startups

"We have a portfolio of high potential investments. Although some of these startups eventually knock it out of the ballpark, our overall profitability is sandbagged by those that don't."

Enable us to work hand-in-hand with your investments to improve their go-to-market and elevate your success rate.


A word about volcanoes and innovation

KAHI is a Hawaiian word sometimes used to talk about "Companions" which is something that inspires us.


Hawaii is one of the most active volcanic regions in the world and volcanos are a great metaphor for innovation. They are the phenomenon by which The Earth renovates and transforms itself.


Transformation in The Earth as in business tends to happen slower than expected and often in a disruptive way. At KAHI we want to be your innovation companions. We are a small team of highly experienced entrepreneurs that have a passion for making things happen.


We want to make your ideas succeed, we want to make your future a reality.

Our Team


Our Customers

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AIIM | KAHI digital
TrueSpot | KAHI digital
PLLAY | KAHI digital
nFlux | KAHI digital
WhereOs | KAHI digital
nextmesh | KAHI digital
Navinfo | KAHI digital
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